a free mind // clearing it up

As we grow up we realize that the world is not fair. Its also not easy if one easily gives up. Hanging in there is the only thing that keeps you moving.  Giving up prejudices is hard. In my opinion we are all brain washed to think that certain group of people are bad or they don’t worth the respect they deserve. For example,   we are constantly bombarded with the news how Islam is such a troublesome religion. This has made us blind.  This have created a sense of fear.  We can’t see our fellow human with a secure eye. Our mind are closed and we see things with closed eyes.  We don’t want to investigate but we want to react.  We want to avoid.  We want to find someone to blame. I was reading news in CNN after Florida nightclub shooting and CNN was giving so much emphasis on the religion of the perpetrator as if his being Muslim is the sole cause for the shooting. Lately I have realized how important it is to see a fellow human with an open mind. This fear that have been planted systematically has created a vacuum. Its sad that we live in a world full of chaos, resentment and anger. But one must think about world is a better place than it has ever been. We have news reach at our finger tip and it’s easy to panic over every world event but it certainly is better than before. Personally looking at myself , I have got this transformation where I like to see things from the side those who don’t agree with me. I have always been a person who takes things in himself. Its difficult at times when the other party is really aggressive but I believe finding solution in talks.

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