are we falling apart ?

Today we are living in a more uncertain and unpredictable world where death comes as a surprise. Bomb can blast and tear you into pieces, planes can be hijacked , hotels can be bombed, cities can collapse with a mouse click. Today we live in a world surrounded by fear and enigma. The moment we are living is true and there is no truth behind that. Tomorrow  you can be the subject of news that says – N number of people killed in attack, bombing, roadside bomb or suicide bomb. With the advancement of technology we have become less human. We have almost lost the gene to care about other people and think about rest of the world. We are being more materialistic. If asked if Einstein was a great person or not, my answer would be – No. A big no. May be he gave something valuable to the world but not for humanity. Today we live in the most fearful society where the word nuclear makes us to panic. The US army has been a place where they recruit human and train them to be robot. They are making robot out of human. They are brainwashing people and making them believe that they have enemy round the globe. Now who will trust them. No one. Not their own citizens. In my opinion, If you ask 10 patriotic American about their views regarding terrorist, they will say- Muslim Terrorists. If you ask someone in North Korea about Americans then they will say – Americans are the enemy. Propaganda is ruling the world. Governments are investing Trillions of dollars in Research and Development to make better weapons while their citizen die of hunger and poverty. Whom are they fighting with ? How long will this battle go on? Or is it human nature to fight for? Am I in some sort of battle? Am I somebody’s enemy? Or Do I have a enemy?

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