expectations // limitations

What is the limit ? To what extent can we expect from people ? Our people, from those whom we call ours. Family , friends, relatives and so on. They have a very good concept in Hinduism. Or least I think so. Do your Karma without expectations. It was on a sunny day in August I was sitting in the smoking zone(of course, not smoking), which is really peaceful area in the  University and some other Nepalese folks joined me. A guy who is at least 6/7 years older than me was talking about what he expected from his people when they visited Nepal and came back. He was complaining or may be complain is not the right word about his people not bringing gift for him. Deep inside my mind , I was thinking my family friend or lets say my really good friend , whom I trust my money, is in Nepal and what can I expect from him. I have been heavily criticized on this topic about expecting. What can you expect from people for what you have done to them. Expectations are so shitty things that they hurt. I used to be a guy who used to expect many things from many people but  its kinda lame. It just made me unhappy. Sometime if my friends come with a surprise then its more than enough. The other thing that I learnt over the course of time is you can have uncountable “Hi-Hello ” friend but do not spend a single second for them because they don’t give a fuck what you think or what you like or anything and you can’t expect anything from them. So, one should not get hurt if one of their “hi-hello” friend did not invite in a party or graduation party or anything . And to add to the list  its worse spending hours chatting with someone you will never meet. Call me a rude guy but why would anyone want to spend hours chatting with someone living in Brasil’s rainforest if you are never going to meet each other. For God sake don’t give me lame reasons like cultural exchange – There are blogs, forums, ebooks, books and so many uncountable resources to know about culture.What can you even expect from them? Can they feel you ? I have the same feeling for those who fall in love online ? What if you meet tomorrow and his breath smells so bad you can’t stand.

It was a topic on limitation of expectation. I would say never expect. It only hurts. Just doing your part or fulfilling other’s expectation but not expecting from others is the best thing to do.

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