from the lost diary

I don’t know the exact time rigtht now but I am at Central Library in Kokkola . Today is April 5 , 2011. I am at a corner at the library from where¬† little of the city outside from the glass. This corner is awesome. The month of April is slitty. The snow that ruled the winter is about to go away. I can see beautiful blue sky outside. The books inspires me to read more and more. When I visit library I get a feeling that there is so many things to learn. Life is short. Here I come to know something and add to my brain something more. Know the world and know myself. Learn about civilization, go on a long journey like the gypsy, read conqueror’s mind, know history, geography and secrets of the world. The water drops are falling down from the corner of the roof from many house making their way throuh the shiny snow. The drops are making mark on the ground. They try and try . In the end they are able to make the mark. I believe this is what happens with success.¬† Those water drop falling down would not be able to make hole in the ground if they would fall to different place at and not concentrating on one place at a time. How far will I run looking for better ? Where is better? Infact I am the one to invent better. Changing places will not change hearts. When I was a child I used to go to field and jungle to collect grass for cattle at my house. The way for getting back used to be hard mostly. It was in the mountains and steepy. And I used to carry the grass without resting at any place. With thought in my mind as- house is getting closer if I walk one more step instead of resting. During school days, I don’t used to eat meal until I finnish my homework. Where is all that enthusiam and that will gone? I question myself. I now realize how simple life was when I was a child. Now, I see the beautiful weather outside and zeal to do do something has erupted inside me. Let me see where Will I reach?



Ram Krishna Banstola

Kokkola Finland

April 5,2011

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