girl by the road

The image is still like a freshly seen sight. I am inside the bus on the hilly road going towards Darjeeling. We are about to reach the border control at Pashupatinagar.
The weather outside is gloomy. I have been listening every songs by Sabin Rai from Sataha I and Sataha II. The road is zigzag. We are passing turns every now and then. I am  covering myself with a warm blanket. As we are moving up to the hills, I can see the beautiful breathtaking hills we just passed. The battery of my casette player goes off too quickly , so I have to use another pair of rechargeable battery now. I am thinking ‘wow here we come to Darjeeling after few hours.’ As, I am thinking  ; I see a girl with doko, a bamboo made basket for carrying differnet stuffs like grass from field or water from water sources.

Doko as shown is the picture below has multiple uses in remote Nepal. It is used for carrying grass from farm, bring water from water source since every house in village are not facilitated with water and they rely on a water resource on a specific location from where everyone gets water using gallons, small water tanks called gagri.

Now, The girl. The image of the girl is like something which is hard coded into my brain. It comes whenever I hear Darjeeling. The girl is carrying dry wooden logs at her doko. The load on her back looks to be really heavy because she is bending and trying hard to walk. I am thinking now I see her and I will forget her forever. She is nothing to me. I see her for about 30 seconds or less until the bus pass the turning. The mangol face of the girl is speaking of hardship she might have gone . Where is the girl now? She is vanished . She is out of site. She will never know there was a stranger who saw her and will never forget the particular frame. The particular time when she is carrying doko and bending. The surrounding is slitty because there is fair rainfall. The clouds are ruling the sky. I believe  she will go home and take a rest and hurry to kitchen carrying some logs she just brought. She won’t have to take sleeping tablet to fall asleep. The mountains and the day to day life has taught her body about the amount of melatonin needed to take her to sleep.

Girl. I remember you, you are still carrying wooden logs in your doko. And I, years after seeing you, am here with melatonin to take me to sleep while you are having a sound sleep.

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