Happy Mother’s Day

My mother

Whereever I go, whatsoever I do.

My heart will be with me.

Where you live


For me, my mother is my greatest Guru. She is the creator. A bold hearted person who can take right decisions in hard times. A struggler who always believes that Future will be Good. An optimistic person who continuously performs karma without expecting what the fruit she will get at the end. For me, my mother is the purest form of unconditional love. Even if I trip the world in search of love , I will never find the one like my mother does. There are number of things my mother taught me, the first thing is giving and sharing. I grew up in an environment where my mother was always keen to help needy people by offering them something. The old clothes that I warn were not thrown or destroyed but they were given to some poor families that could not offer them. There are many instances that she has offered food to a total stranger who appeared to her saying he/she is hungry.

My mother always suggested me to personal development and being independent. Her only dream and expectation about me is that I should someday get back to home with knowledge to support my life. She never got chance to go to school but I am the one who will make her dream of going to school and gaining knowledge come true.

To sum up, like every mother for a child, my mother is the best mother. One who will never leave me in any difficult situation , one who never thinks bad about me, one who loves me selflessly. For me My Mother is the God I want to worship.  I wish for her longer life and good health.

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

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