in a crowded bus !

If I were in Nepal, a crowded bus would be a normal experience. During my Senior High School days, I always used bus as a means of travel since I had no motorcycle like some other lucky guys. I got chance to ride a motorbike only after I graduated from Senior High School. So, a bus is something that I love to travel in.

Yesterday I felt like being in a bus in Nepal. The bus was so crowed that there were people standing from back of the bus until the entrance door where the driver sells ticket and see the travel card. I luckily got the seat but I was sorry for those drunken people standing but not being able to hold themselves. One part of my heart was saying ‘Ram , look at him…he is not even able to hold himself but you are in a good condition and you should leave seat for him.’ Then other part of my heart said – ‘Ram… you are tired, working 8 hours during day and evening and even went to school. You can sit down. He is not tired . He is just a drunkard not a old man.’ Guess what ? The other part won and I sat there. Well… but it was big surprise for ‘my beautiful Finland’ to have such a crowd. The reason why I have said my Finland is because Nepal just gave me birth , its Finland that has made me able. It is Finland that is training me so that someday I will be using these skills to do my future job. Kiitoksia Suomi !

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