Kagbeni : esto babbal movie (such a great movie)

Wow ! This movie that I am watching right now is the one of the best nepali movie I have ever watched. In fact its the only best movie that Nepal saw. I had heard so much about it from my friends and I felt like watching it. The acting does not look like acting. Too natural… I will write more about it soon I finish this movie. The movie’s name is Kagbeni and it is filmed in the the wonderful landscape of Himalayas. I would like to more about the location where the movie was shot. Kagbeni is one of a remote village with an a population of 1200(Source: wikipedia) of Nepal where many Sherpa, those tribe of people who are highly adapted to living in high altitude with extreme cold. The houses and living style of people facinates thousands of tourist and visitors visiting Mustang, the northernmost district of Nepal.

Poster of Kagbeni !(Source: holleywoodnepal.com)

Now about the movie. The movie is a thriller in a sense. It tells about a mysterious paw of a monkey with magical power that fulfills the wishes of the one who holds it and ask for the wish. But if the paw does not belong to that particular person then the result will be harse. It tells what that we should always be able to know limit for our wishes. Its a strong ethical message. The film is vividly able to present the hard life of the people living around Himalayas. The main thing that attracted and made me to like the movie was its presentation and acting. The film does not even looks like acting. The language they use in the movie is not formal but exactly the same as nepalese society do use. These days I have been following Nepalese movies thinking that if we, the nepalese, do not wish to watch them then who will watch. At least , I can not be mean for writing good about such a appreciable work such as Kagbeni. But the quality of video was not good because I had to watch it in YouTube. In general, I enjoyed the movie and if I have to rate it then it would be certainly *****.

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