Monster in class

Children in urban Nepal starts their schooling at the age of three or four depending upon the family. Most middle class family try their best to send their daughters and son to a English medium school. The tuition fee in these private schools in not regulated and they charge as much as they wish. There are ridiculous topics for collecting fee for example non-existent sports fee , weekly exam fee etc in addition to the monthly tuition fee. I had the opportunity to study in one of those schools and I studied mostly on scholarship and   I understand the importance of such private English medium school. But with the pressure to get the best results the student are often put into extreme pressure where they are subjected to corporal punishment from an early age. The teacher are often gruesome dictator and  they release all their anger upon their student which is sad. If there would be psychology screening for these teachers then 95% easily will come as psychologically unstable and illegible for teaching learning activity. I have seen gruesome treatment of student. It saddens me a lot to think about each incident now after so many years.

Learning should be fun. It should excite the pupil who participate in class. Everyday a new thing to learn. But in Nepal we are producing parrots. They might know everything but only few will come out and understand the real meaning of learning.