Nepal : Where dreaming is hard.

Since the very beginning of arrival in Finland I am concerned about the situation my country is going through. Bussinesses are going down. Power cut off everyday for 14 hours is making situation worse. Yesterday while I talking in phone with my friend Niva[Sumana Tamang] , I felt that frustation of a youth searching a destination to normalize his or her life. The biggest problem that we are having is : Knowledge. We have less schools, less libraries, less universities and the very few skilled manpower produced by those five universities are always flying abroad to find better place and seek a quality of life. Institute of Engineering’s job has been to produce engineer only but only few of them live there. It takes so much of my time thinking what will I do when I graduate from here and venture for doing something in my own country. Since I am majoring in Software Engineering , its obvious for me to find a job or start a business with software related aspects. The following things were in my list that I can do in Nepal after I graduate. These services are widely used in Finland. We can make a market for same services in Nepal too. But the BIGGEST problem is power cut off. How can a starting company survive with 14 hours of power cuts off while its entire work require 24-hours being online. But lets hope for better. Lets say things are getting better and Nepal won’t have such problems by the time I graduate or I have to believe that the problem will be less. So, with that belief of problems will be less I have thought of following things after I graduate. But it remains in my imagination only. I will still be happy if something will not happen in future as I planned because I have been doing my best to make them come true but it is not always true that what I dream should come true. Failure happens and they are part of life. They give more energy for doing things in better way and finding oneself.


  • I would like to start a company that provides web services for the banks. The one existing in Nepal at the moment is not as flexible as it should be. User may be able to see their capital in their account but they can not however transfer or do some transaction to pay phone bill or buy  tickets and such services. Online services such as buying in ebay within Nepal is almost not seen. So, it could a thing I could start with my other friends who are studying in India and other country to become Software Engineers.
  • There are altogether less than 10 apps in app store that are provide service about Nepali products.  A famous one might be Nepali FM app which is not bugfree. We can produce application for iOS, Android , Windows platform or other platform to come in near future. The services can include epaper for Kantipur Daily, Checking services for Ncell or other phone companies. Though the presence of smartphone in Nepali market is very few but it needs a small step foreward to begin a journey of thousand miles.
  • We have already discussed about this topic with my family friend Suzan Karki who is going to be a Charted Accountant in near future that we could actually start a school where we could provide more quality education that what we have now. We could start a college to train people in the IT field , so that they need not run to foreign country for achieving their dreams.

Though it is hard to make things right and hard to start something new in Nepal. Its hard to dream because of so many social , cultural ,economic , political factors but there are also so many successful stories of people who did not run for foreign citizenship but returned back to Nepal to countibute it so that someday we can be even more proud to say Where we belong. Despite our history of bravery, we are also to show the world we can make a difference. We are already years behind in technology but the strong belief that we can make things happen will vitalize us. We have example around the globe.



Let my country Rise

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