Orlando shooting // a tragedy

Only one question that comes to my mind is why? Why do people have to kill other people whose worldview is different than their. When I read the news Sunday┬ámorning about Orlando shooting and heard the horrifying details of the shooting in BBC Podcast, I felt really sad for those who lost their loved ones in that massacre. It was a Saturday night partying and as someone who works in two places with very tight hours. Weekend is the best retreat , I can imagine so many of the victims just waiting for that day to come when they would have relief from work and fun. I don’t want to point my fingers to religions because it is such an easy target. Its so much easier to say Look a Muslim did it.

These kind of murderous activities are just horrible and why can’t people just be in peace. Why do we have to raise guns to prove our point. Taking lives doesn’t justify any religion, it does not justify any reason. Its sad and very very sad when people who has nothing to do with religion or whatever are killed to spread a violent message. My deepest condolences to all those who lost their loved ones.

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