people on morning commute 

Isn’t this world beautiful? All these beautiful people taking train in the morning and starting their day.  And the most beautiful thing is they all have a story like mine.  Some are arrogant who likes to take seat as if it was their home sofa,  you know with style. Some are  no sitting next to a foreigner. Office workers in their fine clothes and me sometime wearing socks in two different colors and asking myself does it really matter if I wear two different color of socks?  I always see few familiar faces everyday.  I know where they get down or what do they wear usually . I notice how their face shine like a morning star when Friday is finally approaching.  I know what color they like. And this angry man who always skip the seats if there is a foreigner.  Could this be a coincidence? No stranger has ever talked to me in a train except when they are drunk. And it’s expected. I would immediately retaliate a stranger breaks this unspoken rule of Helsinki Commute. The commute without headphone is the longest one. Trust me.

E train that I take everyday, 4 times.

E train that I take everyday, 4 times.

When it comes to public transport, suddenly my hyper consciousness comes into play.  Do not look at the human sitting face to face with you.  No staring at beautiful butts.  Check that your headphones aren’t loud.  Absolutely no phone calls unless absolutely necessary.  And despite all these there is one in every train car who likes to play video or music in loud speaker. One who likes to pick nose and look at their booger. One who is so desperate to smoke that the cigarette is already in his mouth, waiting for the train to stop and be energized  with the nicotine fuel. And those alcoholic who has seen it all. Early at 0800, starting their day with booz.

Oh what a beautiful summer morning — let me take a sip. Ahhaa much beautiful now.

And there are those who speak putting their phones in loudspeaker. Or skyping. They make sure that I appear in the skype video call. Would’d you not?

Those whose station is approaching but suddenly they have lost their voices and I ,apparently ,should be the omnipresence , mind reading super natural being  who has to read and understand that their stop is approaching and step aside for them.

Yet the silence in Helsinki Train Commute is like in the graveyard. Nobody speaks a word unless absolutely necessary. Beautiful O beautiful.

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