some songs // some memories

Leaving on a jet plane might be one of the song many people can relate when they are saying their bye bye in a an airport.  Same goes for me as well.  I was listening Leaving on a jet plane all the time. before my first flight to Finland that even these days when I hear the song,  it brings the nostalgia back.  A 20 year old fella who had never left home,  coming to this far far away land and trying to make it.

Right after coming to Finland,  I felt the homesickness. The feeling that it was easy back home probably until you get comfortable with the far far away land. I was in Kokkola,  thr west coast town of Finland.  I still remember the morning fog and woking up with the feeling if I am in my bed back home or I am somewhere else.  Sometime in dreams I would find myself at home.  Nepal felt so so far then.  In fact it is just 13 hours far away. I didn’t find that courage to book a flight and just go until 5 years.  Yes,  for 5 years I stayed here in Finland without visiting Nepal and my relatives back home.  During early days I used to listen this songs by John Denver named Country Roads take me Home. The nostalgia for seeing those mountains and being in Nepal ran deep down. Sometimes it felt like what am I even doing here. My goals seemed too far.

My first summer in Finland in 2011 feels like yesterday. We were in Helsinki for the first time and Helsinki felt like a big big place.

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