who is ‘dhurmus’ ?

Dhurmus‘ is a famous TV character in a Serial in Nepal. Dhurmus is known for his  mischievousness and stupidity. He is cunning , he is cleaver but in the end he is a mischief-makers. His mind is full of evil ideas and he is all the time roaming to fool people. But people still do believe him. His wife ‘Suntali‘, who is a daughter of his neighbour, assists him  for fooling people. He is famous for getting people into trouble. His outfit includes of a ‘Dhurmus Short’, a Nepali cap called, dhaka topi, at his head , a half sleeved jacket and a long-sleeved shirt. With a red ‘tika’ at his forehead mostly. Below is the picture of Dhurmus.

Taken from http://tamangspace.blogspot.com

Dhurmus has been synonymous to a person who is a trouble maker. Our leaders are example of Dhurmus. They always promise of things that do not exist. They present us something and make us believe that ‘things are going well‘ just like Dhurmus does. Dhurmus is always able to  win heart of people and fooling them. The same ‘Dhurmus mind‘ is with our leaders. Last week ,I was so happy to read about the ‘peace progress’ leading its way. The former rebels were to be integrated into Nepalese Army or they could choose to go for pension. I had read interview of those people  who fought during civil war for ten years and now they want to live a peaceful live either being integrated into Nepalese Army or by other rescue plans that are being proposed by government. But one part of the Maoist group, those Dhurmus  who do not want that. They want to keep those people in camps all the time. Why we fight? Why ? They fought for changing the face of the country. And here Nepal stands as more politically unstable nation.

I was in the People’s Revolution of 2062-63 as a youth. I was carrying flags and shouting slogans despite the curfews and under the rifle pointing at the crowd of which I was a part . We were shouting slogans saying we do not want monarchy any more. The monarchy was enough. But now in 2068 , we have not moved even a single step forward in peace process. The southern part of Nepal is still filled with terror and kidnapping of child and demanding money. What have you done ? Where is our future ? The leaders who were in jungle during People’s War are at city and they are riding in comfortable 4-wheelers. What about those people who died and those mothers and family who lost their beloved? What about those people who fought for the war? We were thinking a new Dawn will come and cover our face with the light of prosperity and development. I voted for them and supported them for only one single reason that someday when I will open the curtain from my window, I would be able to the clean road, happy people and a knowledge based society where hunger and poverty would be a thing of past. I imagine of a day when I am chatting with a European or an American and he does not see me with prejudice . I am tired of prejudices just because I come from Nepal . I am tired of Dhurmus fooling us all the time with his trick.

Let my Country Grow.