as cold as the snow !

My name is Eun Dang. I am 23- years old. I was born in 1988 during a cold day in North Korean province of Chagang. I do not know what might have happen to my father but my mother works in a garment factory. She is lean and thin and wrinkles under her eyes tell the story of her life. My father was taken to Prison Camp because he was caught saying a phrase from Bible and being a Christian is strictly forbidden in out Great Country ruled by our Great Leader. I have completed my six years of secondary school and I after that I have been working in a Machinery Manufacturing Industry as machine operator. I have a hidden Bible with me from my father but I fear it can be cause for my death someday. And its the only hope for me sometime because upon reading it I get a strong feeling that There is God. But God is the imagination for weak people like me to convince ourself. If God would exist then We would have been long freed from this Demon Rule that has compelled us to live in Darkness.

Every day when I get up , I have a feeling that ‘is this real  a world’ or ‘is it fake?’. I am like a machine with such that a fixed time is programmed in my brain

– This article is about my imaginary being Eun Dang and his hardship in North Korea. It will take me almost two moths or until summer to end this post because i have to be him to think how he think and feel how he feel.

monster named Kim Jong-il and North Korea

Kim Jong-il like, all the politicians, was a monster in the human form. The pain and hardship that people in North Korea have got due to the absolute power is just like a curse for them and for humanity. As I was looking at funeral of Kim Jong -il, I was thinking why is there this big drama even at his death. Kim made Korea a drama land. He played his drama leading the country into poverty, hunger . starvation and always lived with cult. His life and death became a cult. And when people will get free the chain someday they will throw every little piece of his picture into fire and break every little status of him. Communism has such a very bad face. Why are even there communist any more in this world after seeing the fate of North Korea. While South Koreans enjoy the blissful prosperous life, North Koreans are centuries back. I feel so pity for people in North Korea. The nature of power is so nasty. Power makes people go crazy. Kim is an example . I sometime wonder why does he had to make life of those people so hard when the fact is he is not taking that power with him in his death bed.

North Koreans are compelled to become actors of a play. All the situations are choreographed. Kim has created a chaos and I can not even imagine what might have been going through people in North Korea. Someday all these storm will be gone and I am praying for all the people in North Korea that someday the chains will be broken and they can fly. They are under the most brutal rule imaginable but these monster can not be their forever. Like Kim died, the rule will be dead one day and all the propaganda will end and North Korea will wake up. I believe my pray will come true. Its midnight here. I am young and with hope. I am consistent at my belief that after many years I will be writing a post that will say NORTH KOREA is free from those evils as did Libya. The madness of these communist leader should not decide fate of 22 millions North Koreans. Let North Koreans get strength to fight against the devil. Let freedom come to their country. My best wishes for the new year to all the North Korean.