here to learn

Humans have evolved and have been able to change the face of earth. The three worded question of Who am I seems to be the hardest for us. So time has come for me to ponder who am I? One of these days, I have been asking myself the existential question : Who am I ? Why am I here? What is my purpose? I know how I am here. Strange isn’t it? It is amazing to think that the body that I call mine was probably billions kilo meters aways from where I currently exist. Yet everything came together to form me; to form this biological machine that can type these thoughts, can write a program to solve problems, enjoy a nice meal or seek gratification.

When I was a child we had to read a poem called ‘Who am I?‘ and back in those days I used to think what a silly question it was. I knew who I was. It was really easy back then because I had a very simplistic world view.Now my environment and my world has changed 180 degrees as I am grown up and these questions bothers me once in a while. I did not know much about how a small amount of chemical released in my blood can change who I might be next moment. Or is free will really free? One example is we are so driven by our instinct and the chemical changes in our body due to food we eat, the environment we live in and the millions years of evolution that we are what we eat and we are the product of our environment.

In my personal opinion we are here purposelessly. An accident. A biological machine that is complex and has conscience. Some are born with lack of proper chemical combination and they become murders, they become violent , becomes serial killer and terrorist. Those malformed machines.

Now to the purpose. We are here to learn. To explore and live and struggle everyday. We are here to pass our gene to next generation. This is our instinct. As humans machine. We are so intelligent that we created the concept of God and Evil. We invented technologies. We are programmed to be learner and explorer so that we will not be living a boring life. To seek new knowledge is what we are programmed to. People do not realise but every organism is here to learn. The evolution is doing it’s best to so that we learn and be better.

If we think from machine perspective, think about all the constraints involved in picking a glass of water from one table and placing it in another table.