taking absentee from news

I have been a news freak.  I love listening news and browsing news websites.  It’s fun. Since few weeks the news have made me sad. From the terrorist attack in Iraq, Turkey Airport attack and so on. The stress that these news produces and the fear that they plant is irreversible. It gives you the feeling if a terrorist is in the same train that I am taking. It’s sad but these feeling comes to my mind when I take the train. What kind of world we are living in? We are getting better and we are advancing in science and technology which is the single most beautiful thing. Yet there are people in the world who doesn’t see solution  in peace. They have to murder, kill more people , an eye for eye. Soon we are all going to be blind.

The sad thing is that these news are at your fingertip. I think about families that lost their loved ones in the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and civil war in Nepal. Those who have lost it all. They want revenge and vengeance and more wars. And more news to stress us all.

They say that world crime has gone down significantly and world is a better place than it has ever been. I hope this is correct or at least I have to believe so.

I will not visit any news site for a month. I will try to close my eyes. It’s not the right solution but I am just a drop in the ocean and I can not direct the wave of the ocean to a right direction. Or can I?

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